It is with pleasure and gratitude that I testify to my...

It is with pleasure and gratitude that testify to my healing through Christian Science, after ten years of invalidism which rendered all ordinary employment impossible and ofter kept me in bed for weeks at a time, suffering intense agony. My mortal existence was one weary round of electricity, baths, medicine, and suffering,—and I was always in the hands of some doctor or specialist. In all sixteen physicians were employed, no two ever exactly agreeing as to the nature of the complaint. I was said to have a serious bowel trouble, and could not retain even a spoonful of water. I was taken to a hospital, and at the end of five weeks the visiting specialist at the hospital advised my being taken home, as they could do nothing more for me. Two years of complete invalidism followed; pain and discomfort were constant companions, until another extreme attack made me lose all courage. In bed for six weeks, mostly under the influence of morphine, so weak that I could scarcely lift a finger; the physician's verdict being that he could do nothing more for me—here is where Christian Science found me.

The practitioner came about eleven in the morning, talked to me a little about Jesus and his healing of the sick, gave a treatment, and went down stairs for her luncheon. When she came from the dining-room she asked, "Wouldn't you like something, too?" Aghast at such a proposition, but fully determined to give Christian Science as fair a trial as I had given physicians, whose directions I had followed, whether agreeing with them or not, I asked, "What would it be safe for me to have?" She said, "Why not have just what we have had?" I ate what was brought me, a very substantial meal. I then got up, dressed partly, and sat at the window. Two days after this I walked part of the way to the station to meet her, as she came on her second visit. This was five years ago, during which time I have never been troubled with those ailments from which I had suffered for ten years, have taken no medicine, and people often remark upon my activity and how well I look.

Testimony of Healing
I have great reason for gratitude for the healing power...
November 10, 1906

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