Among the many blessings which have come to me...

Among the many blessings which have come to me through Christian Science, the greatest is a growing realization that God is a loving Father, an ever-present reality; not an unknown and unknowable being, of whom I avoided thinking and was half afraid. This realization, that God is good, and that He made and keeps man in His image and likeness, has healed me of a moody, unhappy disposition, supposedly inherited, which had produced a discordant physical condition. "The blues," formerly a frequent companion, I have learned in Christian Science to recognize as "selfishness" and "self-pity;" and with that sense of the truth came also, through our text-book, the understanding how to destroy this false condition. By patiently striving to learn more of God and our relation to Him and to each other, I am gaining true joy, peace, and health.

Last year several very painful growths appeared on my hands, and as I failed to help myself, I went to a practitioner. She immediately pointed out a very strong sense of self-righteousness which I was holding, told me how to overcome it, and said that she would help me. After a few treatments the growths disappeared, leaving no scar; and criticism and self-justification gave place to love and humility.

November 10, 1906

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