Scattered over the world to-day are men and women more or less isolated from society. It may be they dwell in western mining camps, on Canadian ranches, on sheep-farms in the Australian bush, or even in secluded hamlets of rural England. They have once lived in cities with large possibilities of education and of culture, and now. side-tracked from the world, they feel stirring within them the fear of stagnation and mental deterioration. There are no picture-galleries to visit, no lectures to attend, perhaps not even congenial society to frequent. Under such circumstances they imperceptibly fall into slipshod mental habits. The daily routine of work is performed mechanically. "The daily round, the common task" seem to furnish the sole outlet for energy. For them life loses its zest. There is no guerdon for ambition. Too often a dull discontent with a monotonous existence takes the place of hope, vitality, and strenuous endeavor. The body responds to the depressed mentality; physical ills follow; relief is sought in materia medica or alcoholic stimulant, until "the last state of that man is worse than the first." Now for this false condition of things a sure and simple remedy is at hand,—within the reach of every man's time and means.

God never intended a daily round of monotonous work to satisfy man's immortal cravings for something beyond the material; but society functions, visits to art-galleries, or attendance at learned lectures are not necessary to keep us mentally awake, improve diction, feed imagination, cultivate the intellectual faculties—in short, to educate us in the truest sense and give supremest culture. The systematic study of the Lessons given in the Christian Science Quarterly proves of untold benefit, enabling us not only to overcome illness should it present itself, dispel fatigue, and guard against contagion, but the concentration of thought necessary to find the consecutive "steps" which build up each Lesson proves also of incalculable educational worth.

October 20, 1906

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