I cannot remember the time, before coming into Christian Science,...

I cannot remember the time, before coming into Christian Science, when I was not afflicted almost continually with the most severe suffering. Finally, after putting in a miserable time through my school years, it was said that my eyes were the seat of all my trouble, and I wore glasses for a year or so, but without much relief. In the fall of 1899, the leading optician in San Francisco, who was a personal friend, determined to relieve my sufferings, if such a thing could be possible. He spent many hours testing my eyes, and said it was the worst case that had ever been met in his experience. He straightway took me to the finest specialist in the city and arrangements were made for treatments. I spent the better part of two years visiting his office, during which time six operations were performed on my eyes. I also put on glasses, which I was emphatically told I must wear all my life. I received partial relief for about a month after each operation, but only under the condition that I never use my eyes. When I complained about this to the oculist he said, "Why, with eyes like yours you must never expect to read for more than fifteen minutes at a time." And it seemed that I couldn't.

I next tried "exercising" my eyes from two hundred to five hundred times a day for weeks. This, too, gave me only temporary ease, and in the depths of despair I was persuaded to try Christian Science. I took six weeks' treatment, although I was really healed in five weeks, and from that day, the first of March, 1904, to this, I have never known what it means to be restricted in the use of my eyes. I am in a position where I use them all day and often read for hours at night. My glasses are a thing of the past, as I took them off at the end of the five weeks' treatment.

Testimony of Healing
I retired one evening in my usual health, but awakened...
October 20, 1906

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