I was wonderfully healed in Christian Science some years...

I was wonderfully healed in Christian Science some years ago, and had another remarkable experience, which is as follows; On June 3, 1899, I fell from a buggy and sustained a severe injury. There was intense pain for a short time, but people helped me back into the buggy and I drove home, about a half mile. When within two blocks of the place of the accident all sense of pain and suffering was overcome by realizing the truth according to Christian Science. When I reached home my son helped me to a couch; friends came hurrying in and with my wife advised me to send for a surgeon. I did so, and soon one was present. He insisted on setting the bone and said if it were not set I would not be out of the house in six weeks, and that if I lived there was not one chance in a hundred that my leg would be restored to a normal condition. I had no fear, and felt so strong and sure of the truth that I calmly told the doctor I would try it alone with God. He said I surely could not know what I was doing, but I insisted on doing as I said, so he left. I at once put myself wholly in God's care and He delivered me. The work was slow, but sure and good.

The doctor left about noon, and between one and two o'clock I sat at the table and ate a hearty dinner. I never missed a meal. I was about with a crutch in three or four days, rode in my buggy wherever I wanted to go, and was walking up and down stairs within two weeks, without a cane, crutch, or any other artificial help. On the 25th of June I made a trip of five hundred miles by rail, carrying my grip and making the changes without help. I attended a Christian Science lecture on the evening of the 26th, walking over to the church and back, and returned home with no bad effects. As I am over sixty, and quite heavy, people predicted all manner of bad results, but nothing of the kind happened. I clung to the promises in the 91st Psalm. Rumor got our that I was dying, and finally that I had died; while the truth was that I had no pain or suffering to speak of after the first five minutes, and there was not one day that there was not a decided gain over the day before.

Testimony of Healing
Having been thoroughly healed through Christian Science...
October 20, 1906

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