One who had tried nearly every material remedy asked...

One who had tried nearly every material remedy asked me in utter despair to find him a quiet boarding-place, in the hope that this change might help him. The first house at which I called on this mission was occupied by a Christian Scientist, the first one I had ever met. She advised me to find a practitioner instead of a boarding-place for my friend, and gave me an address. Her earnestness impressed me, and I told her I would advise an investigation of the subject. After leaving, I concluded to see the practitioner at once, and this decision changed the whole course of my life. During a few interviews I became deeply interested, and began attending the Christian Science services. At that time I was suffering from stomach trouble, and for months had lived on a very rigid diet. I had tried various remedies and was then taking medicine daily.

After one treatment I realized that the truth had made me free, and I have for more than a year been without either fear or inconvenience. The gloomy and despondent moods which oppressed me have never returned. I soon found that I was no longer subject to colds, which had previously annoyed me so much. A catarrhal affection which had been my constant companion for a number of years, was no longer in evidence. I had worn a truss since boyhood,—more than thirty years,—but I removed it soon after this time. With one absent treatment I laid aside this lifelong companion, with all the fear that had necessitated its use.

Testimony of Healing
I was wonderfully healed in Christian Science some years...
October 20, 1906

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