Christian Science was first brought to my notice ten...

Christian Science was first brought to my notice ten years ago through the healing of my sister, who had been an invalid for six years. My first impression was that it was good for her, but being in perfect health myself I had no use for it. Through this sister my wife became interested, and I gave her the Christian Science text-book as a birthday present. Some time afterward, to my great surprise, she told me one day that she wanted to unite with the church. This aroused me very much, for I was a member of the Baptist Church and was trying to make a good Baptist of her, but having made such a complete failure in this, I told her I would compromise with her by joining the Methodist Church, of which she was a member, if she would give up Science. She would not consent to this; then I asked her not to read Science and Health any more, and offered her ten dollars if she would burn it; in fact, I manifested the most violent opposition to everything connected with Science. For about two years we never spoke of it to each other, she always going with me to church whenever I wanted to go, but her sweet, Christ-like spirit was a constant reminder that she was the one to be imitated and not myself.

In June, 1902, my health failed, and I consulted a physician. He treated me for stomach trouble and forbade my eating vegetables. It seemed hard to give them up, but thinking he knew best I did so; I also tried osteopathic treatment, but nothing seemed to help me, and I was only growing worse. It seemed that the little I did eat formed gas on my stomach and this pressing against the heart caused fainting spells, which were becoming more frequent, occurring once or twice a week. I was afraid to try to attend to my business, as I had fainted on the street several times and had to be brought home. During a very severe attack that I had one night the nearest physician was called and he began treatment, but failed also to reach the case. The fainting spells continued, and he tried a change of diet. At last, after three months' treatment, he put me on dried beef and water. I had fallen off from two hundred and five pounds to one hundred and sixty-eight, was taking one medicine every hour, another every two hours, and still another three times a day. I at last decided there was no help for me, and that it would only be a short time that I would have to endure it, as the doctor seemed to think my heart very much affected.

Testimony of Healing
In the year 1888 I was healed of severe spinal trouble and...
February 27, 1904

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