About seven years ago I was healed through Christian Science...

About seven years ago I was healed through Christian Science of an ailment from which I had suffered all my life, and which had finally developed into one of the numerous forms of consumption. The intense fear of this disease threw me into a nervous condition closely akin to nervous prostration. I knew physicians could not heal consumption, and although my friends urged me to consult specialists and try change of climate, I remembered many who had done these things only to be gathered to their fathers.

I had a few friends who were Christian Scientists, and although I had always ridiculed and scoffed at their religion, in my time of need I turned to the only thing I knew which held out any hope of a cure. I had heard that Christian Science could cure anything. I knew nothing of absent treatments, so struggled every day for a week before I finally reached the office of a Christian Science practitioner, one of Mrs. Eddy's students. I was healed in seven treatments. We often hear of slow healing, and I should like to express my thought as to the reason for my quick healing. I had quite a sum of money laid by, and had devoted a good deal of thought to the means by which I could regain health. When I decided on Christian Science I determined to spend all the money I had if necessary, and to be cured or to die under Christian Science treatment. There was no thought of experiment, and in case I was not healed in a certain time, that I would try something else. There was nothing else for me to try.

Testimony of Healing
I am to-day alive through the teachings of Christian Science...
February 27, 1904

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