The following testimony is taken from John M. Harrison's...

The following testimony is taken from John M. Harrison's introduction of the speaker, upon the occasion of Carol Norton's lecture in Haverhill, Mass., June 2.—Eds.

Ladies and Gentlemen:—It was but a few years since I was sick, miserable, and in the depths of despair. I had known nothing but ill health from my birth, and this discordant condition had steadily increased until I could go no farther. I had consulted the best physicians of the communities in which I had lived, and each of these good men had earnestly labored, with the best light he possessed, to heal me, but without anything more than temporary success. Finally one, who proved to be the last to whom I went, frankly told my wife that any one who had suffered so long as I had need expect no permanent relief. My business was in a condition of stagnation; I was without means, without health, and now without hope of health. Even the prospect of a speedy passing away was denied me; the future presented not one ray of brightness.

Testimony of Healing
About nine years ago I was healed by Christian Science
June 20, 1903

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