Decision versus Indecision

The reader of the eighteenth and nineteenth chapters of St. John is astounded at the helpless indecision of Pontius Pilate in passing judgment upon Jesus. The ruler's reluctance to take a firm stand for Truth, followed by his unwilling consent to the crucifixion of Jesus, shows very plainly how malicious evil, if not strongly resisted, first confuses, then influences, and finally takes possession of mortal mind.

Pilate was, when first consulted, unwilling to take an active part on the side of either Truth or error. When Jesus, the representative of Truth, was presented for Pilate's judgment and condemnation, this earthly governor replied thus to the Master's accusers, "Take ye him, and judge him according to your law." Pilate virtually admitted in this statement that he had no wish to stand upon either side. Personally he believed the truth as presented by Jesus was good, but he did not care to take a decided stand for any revelation held in derision by the high priests and their servants.

June 20, 1903

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