Enthusiasm! Tempered by Discretion

IN last week's issue of the Sentinel we published the testimony of Mr. G. A. Phillips before the North Carolina legislature. We refer again to this testimony, not because the healing of Mrs. Phillips was more remarkable than the healing of many others, but because it is a fair exposition of what has been accomplished through the practice of Christian Science, and because it will serve for an answer to the questions so frequently asked: "Why are you a Christian Scientist?"

Mr. Phillips testified that his wife was taken ill in 1890, that their family physician stated that an operation was necessary to save her life, and that it had to be done very soon; that another physician called in for consultation agreed in the diagnosis, and upon their advice Mrs. Phillips was taken to Baltimore, on a stretcher, to have the operation performed at one of the hospitals in that city. When the surgeon at the hospital examined Mrs. Phillips he said that the operation would be of no permanent benefit to her, that he could perform a partial operation which might prolong her life for six months, but that in her present condition he did not think it advisable to operate. In this hopeless state, Mr. Phillips turned to Christian Science. He said, "I did not know what Christian Science was, but I was determined to try it, because there was nothing else left for me to do." This was on Tuesday, and on Thursday evening they left for home. On Friday Mrs. Phillips was able to walk five blocks, and in three weeks she was well, and has been well ever since. In explanation of his present interest in Christian Science, Mr. Phillips stated, "Of course this wonderful demonstration led me to investigate what could have had such a wonderful influence on a case that was pronounced incurable, and I have investigated the subject honestly and sincerely, and I have found that Christian Science, when understood, is the power of God to heal men from sin and sickness."

Mr. Phillips's statement before the legislature was quiet, dignified, and convincing, and we would that all who have been marvelously healed, or whose friends have been healed, were wise enough to restrain their enthusiasm, and to speak upon all occasions with the same calmness and discretion.

Christian Science and the Bible
April 4, 1903

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