A Thoughtful Reply

Manchester (N. H.) Union

Mr. Editor.

Now that the Rev. Mr. Chalmers has denied in your columns the correctness of many of the statements he was reported to have made concerning Christian Science, and has given the actual text of what he did say on the subject, permit me the courtesy of one more opportunity to correct the misleading impressions contained.

I. Regarding the diseased and suffering patient hopelessly doomed by materia medica, and who is pictured as rousing herself in defiance of this sentence, arises from her bed, goes about her work declaring that she is a child of God and therefore well and strong, the picture does not make it clear to the reader if the invalid is really healed, or made better, by this source, or if it is only a kind of "make believe" or "will-power," by which the patient defies his situation and for a time manages to console himself. In Christian Science the patient is healed not by the human mind "defying" the diseased body and declaring "its own supremacy," but by knowing—absolutely knowing—that God is the only power and action, and that with Him all things are possible and good. If the human mind can affect somewhat the human body, what will not the divine Mind do for man when he perceives that the exercise of will-power and human material methods hinders spiritual vision and reliance on God.

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