When a child I was always sickly

When a child I was always sickly. I suffered from neuralgia, liver complaint, and another severe trouble, eczema. As time went on I grew more and more sensitive and had to wear flannels summer and winter; and still I would have neuralgia till I was tired out with pain. The doctor would always give me morphine or some other opiate to quiet me. One physician treated me for nearly six years, then said I would be obliged to go to the hospital as he could not help me; so I went, and endured the terrible suffering of several operations. But relief did not come, and I suffered so much that it led to nervous prostration. Later on two other operations were undergone and my tortune was unspeakable. When I came out from under the influence of chloroform I did not know anything. I had been sick so long my husband said I was just like a little baby, I had to learn to walk and talk. I got so I could sit at last, and I did sit in my chair a year.

After all these years of suffering I heard of Christian Science, and went to church a few times; but in the extremity of my pain I was afraid to commit my case to God, and turned again to the physicians. When they pronounced my condition hopeless, I said I wanted Christian Science, and my husband then employed a practitioner who gave me absent treatment. She told me I could walk for I could lean on God; that I could sleep for I could rest in God. I caught the thought and began to walk. I rested in God. His everlasting arms were about me and I slept well. She taught me how to make little demonstrations and now I walk anywhere. I have walked two miles several times. With my daughters' help I do housework of all descriptions. Error tries to assert itself sometimes but I know it has no power, because God is all power. I am thankful for the understanding I have of God as revealed through Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
When my first baby was born, I developed kidney...
September 25, 1902

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