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The Congregationalist prints portions of a paper on "The Outlook for Christian Unity," by Rev. Edwin B. Lewis, rector of St. Paul's Church, New Haven, read before the conference of Congregational Churches of Connecticut, in which he says:—

"Our Christian world is outgrowing some of the ills and limitations of fierce denominational activity. ... The appeal to some great and simple truth of the gospel stirs men more than the appeal to denominational pride. ... The clergy have been trained in divinity schools which are largely training men to work and teach in a world which no longer exists. All other professional schools, except those of theology, have fitted themselves to the demands of the new time. ... It becomes us to preach the great saving and moral truths of the Gospel which we hold in common, rather than to emphasize the points upon which we differ. This may seem to be almost unfaithful to our denomination, but you will find that the denomination which preaches the Gospel of Christ best and lives it best will have the largest place in the regard of the people. There need be no fear for the fortunes of a religious body in which the Gospel is truly preached and lived. ... The hope for unity lies in a Church large and comprehensive enough to include all who accept and serve the Lord Jesus Christ as he is revealed in Holy Scripture. The denomination which cannot fill out that conception of the Church will not last. The Church which is trying to fill it out is working towards unity. ... Religion and civilization require that the moral and religious forces of the country act together. Influences are at work, silent, by many not observed, but effective. And the cause is the cause of one Master and our common Saviour."

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June 19, 1902

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