As the annual Thanksgiving season draws near I am...

As the annual Thanksgiving season draws near I am reminded of my own indebtedness for blessings received, and that some expression of thanks for the help received from articles in the Journal and Sentinel, should be given, one especially in the Sentinel of May 29 entitled, "Examination."

A woman living in one of our far western states, up in the mountains, fifty miles from a railroad and twelve miles from a post-office or store, had received the Sentinel sent by some friend, and an old copy of the Journal. She was so impressed by the wonderful case of healing in both of them, that from the list of the names of practitioners, she selected one, an entire stranger and far away from her, asking help for a dear friend, that he might be healed, and again be able to take care of his family. She also expressed a great desire to see a copy of Science and Health. She was not able to buy one, as there was nothing for her to do there by which she could earn money, for all were as poor as she was. Some literature, a copy of Science and Health, and the Quarterly were sent to her. The expressions of gratitude for them were very touching. She said the Bible was made very plain to her through the study of the lessons and Science and Health; that they were feeling strong and well and full of courage. All is changed with them. She and her husband are intensely interested and are trying to live the teachings of Christian Science. My heart overflows with gratitude to God and to our Leader for this priceless blessing—Christian Science, and my daily prayer is, that I may so think, speak, and live the Truth that others may see that it is the same Truth which Jesus taught and lived, and that it does heal the sick and sinning.—A. N., Springfield, Mass.

Testimony of Healing
During the two years and eight months of my experience...
November 27, 1902

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