The Prime Object to be Attained

Boston Times

It has been said that the teaching of Christian Science in respect to the nature of disease and the spiritual remedy therefor is a palpable fallacy. That learned men should make statements of this character upon a mere cursory examination of the theory of Christian Science, taking no account whatever of its effects, seems strange even from the standpoint of a disinterested individual. If Christian Science does indeed heal, if its use actually produces results, who does question its value? Since multitudes of beneficiaries, a large percentage of whom had exhausted all hope in other curing means, are alive and well to-day through the application of Christian Science, what is there to warrant the assertion that it is palpable fallacy? Shall not a tree be known by its fruits? That the teaching this science is not exactly in harmony with some philosophies of longer standing is not a matter to be considered. Thousands of inventions and discoveries have been made in recent years which cast a reflection upon theories and things which belong to the past, but they are not on that account fallacies. Our critics might as well go back to the time of Jesus and the apostles and declare their efforts to heal without the use of material rememdies to be fallacious, for a declaration of this sort stigmatizes the good works of Christ and his followers.

It is said, "The prime purposes of their church, and the one that distinguishes it from the orthodox church, is that it attempts to heal the sick." Bodily healing is not a "prime purpose" but an inevitable consequence in Christian Science. The prime object of the application of Christian Science is to purge and purify the mental condition of the patient, to inspire faith in God and thereby overrule all evil. As a result, the disease of the patient is destroyed, so that healing the sick is a very secondary matter in the practice of Christian Scientists. It would seem from the verdict of certain critics that a Christian Scientist must institute some means of getting rid of his sin and at the same time remain in a sick condition, for he is condemned on the ground that those who espouse the Christian Science faith become well in body. Can our friends suggest some method whereby light can be admitted into the presence of darkness and the same time be retained? If so, then he may show to the Christian Scientist a method whereby he can be in a proper attitude of mind in respect to his heavenly Father, and at the same time retain his disease. Must the Church of Christ, Scientist, be debarred from recognition because the practice of its faith heals sickness as well as sin? Strange indeed is the doctrine which would criminate men because their faith in God heals the sick. Is such doctrine based upon the inevitable fact that trusting God implicitly necessitates the casting aside of lesser dependencies. and therefore dishonors time-worn customs and usages? We all pray to be led out of materiality unto God: why not act accordingly?

The Finding of True Individuality
November 27, 1902

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