During the two years and eight months of my experience...

During the two years and eight months of my experience as a student of Christian Science, I have had many proofs of its wonderful healing effects, but that which was the most positive proof occurred quite recently. My father was with us on a visit during the summer. One evening while in a building quite strange to him he made a misstep and fell from the top to the bottom of the stairs, landing head downward on the stone pavement. I was in an adjoining room and heard the noise, and surmised at once what had occurred. My heart almost stopped beating. but only for an instant. I quickly recovered myself and felt that I had a duty which required all the strength I could command. I rushed down stairs and found my father lying limp and apparently lifeless on the walk with a contusion in the head nearly as large as the palm of my hand from which the blood was flowing in a heavy stream. A large crowd had gathered around him and all manner of kindly assistance was offered. On my way down the stairs I cried aloud that error or evil had no power, and when I reached the sidewalk, I stood before that crowd with a feeling of mastery and power which no one could ever describe. For the first time in my life I realized what it meant to "speak as one having authority." I waved the crowd aside, thanked them for their offers of assistance, and then gathered the limp form of my father in my arms. In less than five minutes of treatment he revived and was strengthened sufficiently to walk home with me, a distance of about four squares. It took all night to stay the flow of blood, but the next day he did not suffer from any weakness. The soreness in the muscles was so bad that he could not move, but in about thirty-six hours from the time he fell he again walked to the store with me, and, excepting a scab which had formed on his head, was entirely well and no bad effects. Considering his age, which is seventy-three, those who saw the accident must surely have considered it a miracle. To me it was another very great evidence that the healing power of divine Love is ever-present and omnipotent, and needs but to be understood to be a very present help in trouble. We were brought up in the Jewish faith and always adhered to it very strongly, but Christian Science has given us so many proofs that it is true Christianity, that most of our family have accepted it as the real religion wherein the living God is understood and demonstrated; wherein there is no creed or human theology, but God is the Father of all and all men are brothers. Besides the physical healing, Christian Science has given us a spiritual awakening and a desire for prayer which we never felt before. We are striving hard to overcome the thoughts of evil in order that we may be pure and thus exemplify the true God-likeness. Christian Science teaches that to be wholly separated from evil doing and thinking will place us in the rightful state known as the kingdom of heaven. For the understanding of God we have received through the aid of Christian Science, and for the manifold blessings it has showered upon us, I have a heart full of gratitude and love for our Leader, Mrs. Eddy. May God bless her and quickly bring to all mankind the understanding of her divine message.

Jacob S. Shield, Warsaw, Ind.

Testimony of Healing
I was not brought to Christian Science for any special...
November 27, 1902

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