Spiritual Healing for all Time

London (Eng.) News.

To the Editor.

Sir:—In your issue of October 20 the Dean of Norwich is reported in his initial attack on Christian Science: "Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you that God should raise the dead?" This question was asked by Paul, astonished at the hardness of heart of his hearers, but to-day the Dean will not admit that God will even heal the sick in this country. He says: "When the signs [of healing] had served the purpose for which they were promised, they ceased." In spite of this assertion the Dean is reported to have continued as follows: "This is not in the least inconsistent with the fact that miracles continued in the Church long after Apostolic times, but the exact period when they ceased it is not possible to say. The cessation of these miraculous powers is also not inconsistent with the idea that where the original need is felt to-day,—in, for instance, the mission field,—signs will be vouchsafed, as they were in sub-Apostolic times. They are vouchsafed, I am sure, to-day in China and in other places. An old need may be met in the old way; but where God is revealed, where Christ is owned, I should doubt—I should challenge—any miracle, because the need of it does not exist."

The Overcoming Mind
November 27, 1902

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