The Activity of Love

Divine Love is omni-active, and human love, its reflection, expresses itself in action. We are liable to confound the passive inertness of amiability with loving-kindness, and rest ourselves content in an unexpressed approval and appreciation of the good in people and projects, to satisfy ourselves in a state of amiable apathy quite distinct from loving activity. Love, so-called, is mere sentiment unless demonstrated in self-sacrificing effort for another's good. The reposeful consideration of what we would do for our brother is immeasurably outweighed by the humblest appreciable attention. A simple flower breathing through living perfume a message of kindness is vastly more worth than the "Gold of Ophir" hidden away in the mines of the imagination. Let suspicion challenge every sentiment that is not willing and waiting to spring into active service for the thing, the person, or the cause beloved. Do we as Christian Scientists love our Leader and our Cause? Love is measured by that consecrated activity which results from purity of motive and self-surrender.

The Acceptable Thanksgiving
November 27, 1902

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