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Isaiah says, "Come now, and let us reason together." Controversy to establish mere human opinions is inadmissible touching the doctrines and teaching of Jesus Christ. All things are proved by demonstration. In the science of the world, the true relation of the earth to the sun had to be demonstrated. Likewise in the mechanical world, the relation of one part of a machine to another must be demonstrated. When an opinion can be demonstrated, it ceases to be a mere opinion, and becomes an absolute fact. Here is where Christian Science stands, and I question if there be a Christian Scientist to-day, who is one simply because Mrs. Eddy has advanced certain theories of life and he has been pleased to believe them, but the Christian Scientist believes because she has demonstrated her ideas of life; and so has the Christian Scientist in part, so far as his understanding goes.

It is easy to say almost anything about a person, but mere opinion does not necessarily prove what they are. One may say unkind and untrue things about the purest man or woman that ever walked the earth, but this does not change the true condition. Jesus, the most perfect man, was called a blasphemer, but this allegation did not make him one. He demonstrated in his pure life that he was not a blasphemer.

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May 31, 1900

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