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An article in the Sentinel of May 17 entitled, "A Few Suggestions," recalls to my thought an experience of my own in writing for one of our publications. One day while feeling, as I thought, very much uplifted, out of the fulness of my heart I wrote an article for the Journal which, however, was not accepted. There was no explanation given of course, for we all know that our busy editors have no time to criticise the thousands of articles which are sent to them, but I realized there must be some cause why it did not appear, so I went to work in my own consciousness, and after a time found many good and sufficient reasons why it should not have been published. Then I said in my heart, God is good to me, and my gratitude went out also to the brave ones whose faithful performance of their duty saved me from having some things appear in print which in my more quiet moments I should not have written, and working from a higher standpoint I wrote an article which was accepted. This experience taught me many things. I learned a lesson in humility and gratitude which has been of great value to me ever since. It has been well said that our failures teach us more than our successes.

Do we not sometimes forget to be grateful to those who have enough love and courage to point out a danger or to put out a friendly hand in time to avert an unpleasant or painful experience? Does not wounded pride and self-love blind our eyes sometimes to the heroism of a friend who dares to speak the truth, and do we not often foolishly close our eyes to the light which has been lovingly thrown on our life-problem? Yet there are few things more helpful and valuable than such a friendship, born of a true understanding of Love.

Testimony of Healing
What Christian Science has done for Me
May 31, 1900

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