Christian Science and the Press

The press of to-day is universally conceded to be an educator and a moulder of public opinion. It reaches a class of people who cannot well be reached through any other medium. While some portions of that which goes into the columns of the average newspaper is more or less fictitious and heresay news, the average reader is very apt to give credence to newspaper articles, more especially so if the subject in point is discredited in the mind of the reader from the opposite point of observation. Herein is where articles purporting to criticise Christian Science do our people a gross injustice, and the press, we feel, should exercise a little more care in investigating what goes into their columns on this subject.

There can be found in nearly every town or city, Christian Scientists who would be only too glad to verify or deny any report that might seek publicity in the press of the city or community in which they live, and thus head off any erroneous impressions that might otherwise get into print and cause both the Scientists and editor unnecessary work in refuting the same. Many of these reports, no doubt, get into print through what is known as the Associated Press, and many times by parties known to this Association as respectable, but the thought back of it is to maliciously injure the cause of Christian Science and its Discoverer and Founder, Rev. Mary Baker G. Eddy.

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May 31, 1900

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