Christian Science an Effectual Remedy

I first heard of Science in 1893. I had then been subject to sick headaches for years. I did not suffer from it all the time but I was in constant fear and would have an attack once a week and sometimes oftener. I also had rheumatism, heart failure, and constipation, often using a box of pills in a single week but without relief. I had taken every known remedy, and received no permanent benefit. I never was without some material remedy until I received treatment from a Christian Science healer in Ulysses, Neb., where I was visiting in 1893. Since that time I have hardly known what it is to take anything. My eyes were also very bad. I could not see after night for weeks at a time, then they would seem to be better for a while. I tried everything I could hear of, as the fear was very great that I would lose my sight. My eyes were left in that condition by an attack of the grip in 1890. One treatment was sufficient to heal them entirely.

I did not accept the teachings of Christian Science until some two years later. I saw no one that believed it, had no Science literature, and had only heard the healer talk two evenings on the subject. In 1895 I had an attack of mountain typhoid fever in Colorado, where I was then living. I had no doctor, and no healer, and did not know how to treat myself, but I had heard the healer say, "God is All-in-all and does not want you to be sick and never intended you to be sick." So I would have no doctor, although my husband begged me to have one. I got over the fever all right, and was only in bed two days all day, when I seemed to be so weak I could not sit up. The rest of the time I ate anything I wanted and walked when I pleased, worked a little, and laid down a good share of the time. I was taken sick on the first day of September, and on the 27th day of the same month my husband had an attack of the same trouble.

Testimony of Healing
Many Bad Habits Overcome
May 31, 1900

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