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It has been reported around the world that the Russian ecclesiastical authorities have changed the Fifth Commandment so as to read, "Honor thy father and thy mother, the emperor and his officials, that thy days may be long in the land." The Baron Schlippenbach, the Russian Consul at Chicago, has come forward to deny it, affirming that "none would dare to alter the Russian orthodox creed in any particular, as, apart from the religious significance of such a step, he would by such action become the laughing stock of the world." But the greatest trouble that Russia, from the time of Peter the Great, has ever had in a religious way has been with the sects engendered from among its own people, and a step of this sort would indicate that the Holy Synod, which has the control of such things, had been left to commit ecclesiastical suicide. Possibly the story may have arisen from some comment written upon the commandment. As Russia expels as fast as it can those who do not accept the orthodox faith, the remark "that thy days may be long in the land" would be quite appropriate by way of enforcement.

New York Christian Advocate (Methodist).

September 14, 1899

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