Daily Work

Upon reading in the Sentinel the statement that better Scientists were needed more than numbers, the questions came: Are you meeting this demand upon you? Are you as watchful as you ought to be in your daily work? The temptation to make some law for another by saying, I know that this will be done, or that will not be, comes up often. Such thoughts influence others, perhaps are the worst things to be done; yet we, in our ignorance of all the facts, think they are the best. And we have meddled in the affairs of others as our opinion was not asked. It is so easy to be self-deceived. To think that we are watchful over the small things. The temptation to be impatient and resentful is of daily occurrence. From force of habit they are taken in, especially if the manifestation is so slight we hardly notice it, or think some other feelings prompted the thoughts. As the stock of self-knowledge increases, vanity, pride, self-love are uncovered and the destruction at least is begun; while humility, gentleness, and unselfishness are being demonstrated.

It is so easy to believe we are doing the things we know we ought to do. But examination of thoughts, words, and deeds often shows we have not done as well as we knew, nor even as well as we had thought. So looking through the day's work and temptations, showed that to be a better Scientist means constantly to destroy suggestions of error which seem unimportant, and to have little power either to hinder or to help our growth. Unless this earnest work is accomplished the larger demonstrations are not made.

Church Charter at Hannover, Germany
September 14, 1899

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