How I came to Christian Science

In the spring of 1876 my brother and I were taken sick with the measles. Being away from home, we were exposed, and took cold, and in place of the measles coming out on me as they should, they settled on my lungs. I first employed an allopathic physician, thinking that he could give me something to bring the measles out. But as he failed in doing this, I employed a homœopath, and he likewise was unsuccessful. In due time I was able to get up and go around, but felt miserable. Having medical treatment all through the summer, in the fall I decided to make a trip East to see if I would not feel better, but I returned home feeling little or no better. I doctored with different physicians until the summer of 1878, when I had a hemorrhage. The physician gave my lungs a thorough examination and advised me to go North for my health, and spend my time out doors, fishing, etc.

I was living at that time about a hundred miles south of Chicago. I had a brother living there, and stopped off a few days to see him. He was very much alarmed at my looking so badly, and said, "I want you to go and see the best specialist here before you leave." This I very readily consented to do, as my faith was in doctors and climate at that time. After giving me a thorough examination, the specialist stated that my lungs were in a very bad condition, and he did not think it advisable to go where my former physician had recommended, but advised me to take the boat and go through to Buffalo, N. Y., on the lakes, and then go down through the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Is the Practice of Medicine a Science?
September 14, 1899

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