Surprising Change

Looking over the past year of my life, the change is surprising. One year ago I was under the influence of liquor, which had become a strong habit. "Instead of my life being like the acorn, which pushed its way through the soil and grew into a shapely tree, I placed a large stone over the place where my acorn was planted, and then each year piled other stones and rubbish on it, making it impossible for the good seed to grow." But there was Life there. I chanced to attend the dedication service of a Christian Science Church in New York, and finding it different from other churches, I went again.

In one of my "sprees" I was run over by a cab and my collar-bone broken, and, to my surprise, my wife said I told the police not to prosecute the driver for "it is all in God's hands." Those words set me to thinking, and I went to church quite regularly.

Testimony of Healing
Better Without Medicine
March 16, 1899

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