Healing Work in England

It is almost three years since I first heard of Christian Science. I had been ill between four and five years and had been on my back for twelve months, in the vain hope that entire rest and being in a reclining position would help the internal trouble from which I was suffering. But at the end of the time allotted by the doctors I was no better. I was then told I had better get up and try to get well that way, and if at the end of six months I was still ailing, I would have to undergo a serious operation.

I got up but was hardly ever free from pain; was extremely nervous and full of fear, in fact wretched, physically and mentally, although I had every luxury and all those around me were tender and patient. I was in this condition when I heard of Christian Science. I eagerly grasped it expecting to find something by which I could be hypnotized or mesmerized and be relieved of my pain. I asked to see Science and Health. I shall never forget what a shock it was to me, when the first word I saw on opening the book was "God." I shut it feeling indignant. That was not what I wanted. I had tried God and He had never helped me and I had tried to think that I had done with Him and could get along without Him. Oh, how blind I was! Nevertheless, I re-opened the book and read a few pages, it was like Greek to me, but after thinking it over I decided to take treatment.

Healed of Appendicitis
March 16, 1899

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