Is life one big risk?

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Following the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, there are countless stories of families who have lost all their belongings and others who wonder whether they will ever be able to return home given the nuclear situation. The global economy, albeit showing some signs of progress, continues to be in a tenuous position. With the constant barrage of threats to our health, economy, environment, and world, it can seem that life is risky business. One has to wonder, “Can we really expect to be safe anywhere? Are we simply at the mercy of unpredictable circumstances?”

From my study of Christian Science, I’ve found the answer to the “can we expect safety” question is, emphatically, “Yes!” I have learned in studying Christian Science that God is Life itself; in other words, God—good—is the reality and substance of all being. The universe is not made up of rocks, dust, and flesh organized into different packages, all subject to decay and death. Instead, it is spiritual; it is the reflection of all good, all harmony, all peace. This is the permanent, steadfast fact of creation because it is the unchanging nature of God, and the reflection cannot deviate from its original. It is the Science—the unchanging and universal nature—of being.

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