Japan's nuclear power–under God's care

Originally appeared on spirituality.com

News of increasingly serious difficulties at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plants deeply touched my heart, as I considered the challenge of addressing so many complex problems at a time when public safety was at risk. It also transported me back to 1979 and the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster. My parents lived within the 50-mile radius of the plant, which at that time was considered the danger zone.

Living in New England, I had gone to an oceanside park to pray about Three Mile Island and my parents’ safety. While I was there, I asked myself why Jesus, who had no technological background, was able to control the winds and the waves, but modern humans with all their knowledge could not. The thought that came to me was that Jesus had a spiritual sense of dominion over these forces. He knew that God was the only power, and that knowledge made him fearless. It also gave him the mental freedom to do what needed to be done in any case.

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