A "river" of prayer for London

Originally appeared on spirituality.com

The image of a lone river, flowing along its banks in ageless beauty, evokes a feeling of summertime tranquility. The iconic River Thames, painted and poeticized throughout English art and literature, flows serenely on—despite the violence that has recently ripped through London neighborhoods (and has spread to other cities in England).

The mighty Thames symbolizes to me the precious prayers – the “currents,” if you will – of spiritual truth that thousands around the world are sending upward to God to help restore law and order. In Christian Science, this prayer includes a firm mental stand recognizing divine Love’s ever-presence on every street corner, and the divine Mind guiding and comforting amid countless acts of bravery, kindness, and brotherly love springing into action. For every evil turn there surely arises a legion of charitable words and deeds finding fresh purpose.

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