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June 13, 1987
Guests: Deborah Huebsch, Wanjohi King'ori, Diane Benedict-Gill, Allison Phinney, John Tetstill, Joel Tetstill, Laurie Haas, Margaret Powell, Norman Lopez, Bonnie Coyne, Kamau Njoroge, Sharon Kelly, James Spencer
May 16, 1987
Guests: Christiane West, Pierre Pradervand, Georgia Newton, Michael Rissler, Clem Collins, Krista Foerster, Wendy Spoor, Kelly Dearborn, Kamren Dearborn, Lisa Dearborn, Jeremy Campbell, Donald Spencer, Bill Donaldson
May 1, 1987
Guests: Jean Hebenstreit, Dick Mather, James Spencer, Rowland Abiodun, Bruce Whiteway, Bill Moody, Paul Daugherty, Trudy Kappeler, Ballo Bentinck, Bliss Schnewlin, Paul Basile, Suzette Mitchell, Néstor Mondino, Ann Elizabeth Herbert, Richard Mosher, Nergish Hodiwala, Nee-Oman Mensah, Haydee Maldonado
April 4, 1987
Guests: Dean Bradley, Betty Bradley, Clem Collins, Susan Moller, Bill Moody, Jacqueline Als, Kelly Dearborn, Kamren Dearborn, Lisa Dearborn, James Spencer, Bill Donaldson, Josephine Pickup