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Live audio chat with Nathan Talbot, C.S.B.

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In this chat, Nate points out that Christian Science has a century-long record of healing that includes many different physical conditions--disease, injuries, accidents. This broad-based evidence of healing shows a reasonable and consistent effect  that has been proved by many people of different ages and cultures around the world. He relates this effect to the coming of the Christ, which Jesus revealed during his ministry.  He says that the Christ is always coming, "always redeeming, transforming, blessing, and healing."

Nate responds to many questions, including how to pray regarding conditions that seem to resist healing, how to gain inspiration from the Bible, why Christian Scientists rely on prayer instead of medication, what to do about a patient who might be mentally unclear, how to pray for one's children, moral issues in healing, helping people to be free of addiction to nicotine, how to know if one deserves healing, what responsibility the patient has in the healing process.

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