No aftereffects from head injury

This verse from the Bible, “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all” (John 6:63, English Standard Version), was of great help to me after a fall I had five years ago. It was a stormy day, and as I walked home from shopping, I crossed the road and came to an open space where there was no shelter. At that moment, a very strong gust of wind hit me, and I felt myself falling backward.

A young man who was approaching on his bike saw it happen, and he helped me to my feet. I had hit the back of my head against the sidewalk curb when I fell. I felt a bit dizzy and nauseated. I tried, despite the tumult as more and more people gathered around me, to hold on to the facts I’ve learned in Christian Science—that God knows no accidents and that the law of God, good, is harmony. I also knew that divine Love, Life, Truth, and perfection are always present. I felt no fear, and soon the dizziness and nausea disappeared.

The young man who had helped me started asking all kinds of questions and also asked about my age. Thereupon, he said that he would call an ambulance right away so they could examine me, to which I replied that I didn’t need to go to the hospital. The young man looked at me and said very firmly that I was badly hurt and must go to the hospital. He made the call and said, “An old woman fell, and she’s got a bad wound on her head. Can you send an ambulance as soon as possible?”

Well, that ambulance came pretty quickly, and there I went, with my full shopping cart and bag, to the emergency room. When I arrived, I was laid on a bed and told that a doctor would examine me shortly. As I lay there, the Bible passage mentioned at the beginning of this testimony came to me. I also knew that, as stated in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, “the law of Christ, or Truth, makes all things possible to Spirit; . . .” (pp. 182–183), and that as God’s expression, I could express only perfection.

Then the doctor came. She thoroughly examined the head wound and said that it wasn’t deep and therefore wouldn’t need to be stitched up. However, she wanted to take a scan because she thought it was possible that I had a brain injury. 

I remembered that Science and Health also says, “The brain can give no idea of God’s man” (p. 191). I knew this meant that any belief that the brain can give life is only a delusion of material thinking. God, Spirit, is my life, and there is no other life.

As I waited for the brain scan, all kinds of tests were done to check my eyes and reflexes, and all were found to be in order. When the time came for the scan, my thought was, “What isn’t there, and can’t be there, can’t be seen either.” I was filled with confidence and with the divine goodness that is ever present. No injury was found, and I was allowed to go home. I thanked God for His infinite love.

I walked home from the hospital (which is a lot further away from my house than my shopping center is) through the storm with a happy feeling of being embraced by divine Love.

Johanna Admiraal
Amstelveen, Netherlands

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