A good place to start

The Christlike understanding of scientific being and
divine healing includes a perfect Principle and idea,—
perfect God and perfect man,—as the basis
of thought and demonstration. 

—Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health 
with Key to the Scriptures, p. 259

Begin with “perfect God and perfect man”
as fundamental to the prayer at hand. 
This absolute, this starting point of good,
begins a treatment where no other could, 
eradicates the fear, and brings to bear
the healing Love upon a pending tear.

It shifts the aim that missed so wide a mark
and brightens thought that’s sitting in the dark. 
Then, doubtless, you will hear the rising song,
the harmony that soars above the wrong. 
No more do God and man seem so askew. 
So what’s the point of origin for you?

Harmony is in place, and you feel free—
you and God . . . in perfect symmetry.

Grand views in hiking and healing
September 5, 2022

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