The angel book

Betsy was going to camp. She’d never been away from her mom and dad, her cat, or her home for such a long time before. She was excited as she thought about all the new activities she would get to try. But she was also worried. Even after Betsy made a list of all the fun things she might get to do at camp, like making new friends, going on hikes, and canoeing, she was still worried. 

Betsy went to Christian Science Sunday School, where she was learning about how much God loved her. She’d also learned that she could talk to God about anything and get answers that helped and healed her. So, she decided to write down all the things she was afraid of about camp and then ask God about each of them. She got a small notebook and started to write. 

Here’s what Betsy put down: 


She asked God about her list, and an angel message—that’s another name for a thought from God—came right back to her. God told her that He created everything in the universe, just as it says in the Bible in the book of Genesis. And not only that, but He made everything good—only good. So, Betsy realized she didn’t need to be afraid of bees, snakes, mosquitoes, or any other creature, because they were all actually God’s good creatures.

Next she wrote down: 

Homesick or miss my mom

Betsy got quiet and listened, and the next angel message she heard reminded her of the twenty-third Psalm. It told her that she lived in “the house of the Lord” (v. 6), no matter where she was. Then another message reminded her that God was her Father-Mother. She could never be outside of or separate from God’s mothering love, and she was always at home in this love.


In what she thought of as her “angel book,” Betsy wrote down all her worries. Then, beside them she wrote God’s answers. She was happy to discover that there was an answer for every fear. She took her book with her to camp and tucked it in her back pocket, so she had all the comforting ideas with her wherever she was. If she felt afraid about anything, she asked God about it and wrote down His answer in her special book. She went through every day at camp being happy and fearless, safe in God’s love. And she got to do all those fun things at camp that she’d been looking forward to, too.

When Betsy came home, she kept praying and writing in her angel book, until one day she realized that she didn’t need the book anymore. She knew that God was always right with her, telling her just what she needed to know. She wasn’t worried. She felt free. 

Maybe you can make your own angel book!

New Associate Editor
June 20, 2022

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