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Successful teamwork, whether a team of two or twenty, depends on a humble willingness to do what’s best for a shared good purpose—or as the Bible terms it, to do God’s will. 
Keeping Watch

The importance of yielding

Though yielding to God ultimately opens the way for healing, the even more gratifying reward is the inner security and joy we are sure to feel from gaining clearer insights into our true, spiritual identity as Love’s cherished expression.

The Magdalene story

The account of Mary Magdalene in the Bible has lessons for us today, as this poem illustrates. 
My prayers weren’t about altering a material ankle. They were all about being more clearly aware of my true, spiritual identity—my only identity—as Mind’s idea.
I realized I’d taken the church for granted all these years, assuming it would always be there if and when I was ready to come back to it.

The angel book

Betsy decided to write down all the things she was afraid of about camp and then ask God about each of them.

New Associate Editor

The Christian Science Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Mojisola A. S. George, CSB, of Lagos, Nigeria, as Associate Editor of the Christian Science periodicals.
By the end of the week, I was completely healed.
Testimony of Healing
Knowing deep down that what I was really looking for was spiritual good made me happy. This revelation brought me a deep-seated peace.
Testimony of Healing

Children protected

God is guiding us moment by moment and humbly obeying that guidance is a protection for us and others.
Bible Lens

Christian Science

Obedience to God’s covenants is tied inextricably to spiritual blessings. 
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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