Flu symptoms healed

Recently, a few days before some visiting family were to depart, I was overcome with flu-type symptoms.

Christ Jesus healed diseases of all kinds, and he assured those who followed him that they could do the same healing work. Following the path Jesus pointed out includes living a God-directed life, so his assurance means to me that when we let divine Love lead us, we experience more health and harmony. This is not an unjustly optimistic approach to healing. It was proven effective centuries ago, and is being again proven in present day. I’ve experienced this in my own life.

So that day I reached out to God, praying the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus gave us. This helped me recognize whether to say yes or no to each thought or fear that came to me—to identify whether it was coming from God, good, and therefore true, or was not from God and therefore not true. For instance, I mentally said yes to the idea of God’s health-filled kingdom being present and including me. No was for the notion that my real, spiritual identity could be subjected to disturbing physical symptoms.

I was persistent and consistent in my prayers. They brought a deeper trust in the omnipotence of God, divine Love—the one good God, whom Christ Jesus understood and adored. I cherished in my heart the fact of this one God, who created every one of us whole and pure. God is all-knowing, all-seeing, the great I am, the only creator. God knows and sees everything He creates, which does not include a virus. Because God is exclusively good, evil is not legitimate, no part of God or man. The health-bringing effects of grasping something of this spiritual reality are available to all.

By the morning my family left, I was greatly improved. I bid them farewell and was up, dressed, and very early to a meeting I had. The symptoms didn’t return. After a full day and evening of being alert and active, I called my sister to report the day’s unfoldment, and we rejoiced in the power of prayer.

We can stand with the knowledge that we are safe in God’s care.

Racine Dews 
Azusa, California, US

Ever been afraid?
April 13, 2020

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