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[William Ward, “Eye trouble healed,” Sentinel, March 9, 2020]
Let go of limiting labelsby Melissa Hayden
I saw that “perfect God and perfect man” had to be the basis of my prayer, my practice, my every thought.
Search the internet for podcasts, and you’ll find that one of the most popular topics is “true crime”—accounts, often graphically described, of actual crimes that have been committed.
“Earth is forgiveness school.

The silk-purse perspective

Throughout the Bible, the fact of Spirit’s infinitude is woven like a silken thread.
Do you ever get stuck mulling over an idea, imagining all the different ways it could play out, or replaying a conversation and thinking of all the ways you could have responded better?
TeenConnect: Trending
One teen takes us on her journey from feeling helpless in the aftermath of school shootings to discovering the power that comes from actively praying to prevent them.
Testimony of Healing

No aftereffects from scalding

My neighborhood was putting on a progressive dinner, in which different hosts each invite neighbors for one course of a meal and guests proceed from one house to the next.
Testimony of Healing

Anger healed and pain gone

My job as a receptionist puts me at the center of many things happening daily at a private high school, where throughout the day I address needs of students, parents, faculty, and staff.
Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms healed

Recently, a few days before some visiting family were to depart, I was overcome with flu-type symptoms.

Ever been afraid?

Instead of wishing for what we think is missing, we can open our hearts to the law of God’s infinite goodness.
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