No aftereffects from scalding

My neighborhood was putting on a progressive dinner, in which different hosts each invite neighbors for one course of a meal and guests proceed from one house to the next. Neighbors were coming to my house for a bowl of chili, so I had prepared an enormous kettleful on the stove. It was still simmering as I ladled out portions for guests. 

When I became distracted by one of my neighbors, I ladled chili straight from the simmering pot onto my hand. The pain was intense, and the neighbor who was speaking with me was solicitous in wanting to check on my hand and put it under cold water. I said I was all right and immediately began to pray silently while I wiped off my hand. The neighbor proceeded to wipe up the stove and floor with a napkin and persisted in wanting to do something for me. In spite of the pain, I knew I could rely on prayer to help me, so I assured my guest I was all right. She then joined the remaining guests. 

Testimony of Healing
Anger healed and pain gone
April 13, 2020

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