Love is taking care of you

Juniper and Amanda lived in the mountains. One winter day when they were playing outside, they found a little mouse lying on the ground. The mouse was very cold and couldn’t move. They decided to tuck her inside one of their coats and take her home to get warm. 

At home, Mama helped them find a shoe box and some soft cloth to make a little house for the mouse. They wanted to keep her warm and safe. She sat in a corner of the box and seemed very frightened. The girls brought her some food and water, but she wouldn’t eat or move. Juniper and Amanda were worried about her, so they talked to Mama. 

Mama reminded them of something they’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School: that God is divine Love. Mama said that where Love is, there’s no room for fear. You can find a verse about this in the Bible; it says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear” (I John 4:18, New King James Version). Love is everywhere, so fear can’t be anywhere. Mama said that Love was helping them to not be afraid, and helping the little mouse, too. She said that she would go upstairs to pray for the mouse, and that Juniper and Amanda could pray, too.

The girls sat down at the kitchen table with the mouse nearby. They decided to draw and write their prayer for her. They drew a nice picture of the mouse and told the mouse what Mama had told them about Love. Then they wrote: “Don’t be afraid. Love is taking care of you.” 

Next, they told her she was safe. In their picture, they had made the mouse look very happy. Juniper and Amanda thought she should be happy because God loved her so much.

The last picture was of an empty hole. The words said, “Evil is like an empty hole.” Juniper and Amanda had learned that “God is everywhere, and nothing apart from Him is present or has power” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 473). So since Love is all-powerful, nothing bad, like fear or hurt, is present or can have any power.


The girls finished their book and placed it in the shoe box with the mouse. They called it their Mouse Bible, since it talked about God. The little mouse didn’t respond just then, but they felt sure she would be healed and able to run again.

The next day, the mouse moved around a little and drank some water. Soon she was moving so much that they took her outside to the place where they’d found her. When they let her go, she darted away as any normal and healthy mouse would do.

Juniper and Amanda were so happy! They were happy the mouse was better, and they were happy to have learned that no matter why you might be afraid, you can always find help in knowing how much God loves you. You can wrap yourself up in God’s love for you until you feel how powerful that love is. Love was there for the little mouse, and Love is there for you.

Testimony of Healing
Broken nose swiftly healed
February 3, 2020

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