‘Worrier-in-chief’ of the family?

Several years ago, in the space of two years my mother and a beloved aunt passed away, and a close family member left us after a divorce. For a time, it felt as though our family were falling apart, and the realization came that I was suddenly the new matriarch. Everyone felt a little adrift, and it was difficult to see how we would all regain that loving, happy, and safe space family time had always provided. As I took this all onto my shoulders, I felt like the new “worrier-in-chief” for the whole group. 

And yet, I’d learned this much: When worries and sorrows get too big for us to bear, God is the one, steady support that is always there to comfort and guide us. Prayer is the always-available avenue through which we find God’s light, even in the midst of a storm of trouble.

Church: A force for good (part two)
November 11, 2019

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