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From the readers

[Judy Rieder Crotchett, “Overthrow the supposition,” Sentinel, September 16, 2019]
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Discover your God-given talents

We have unlimited talents.
The Monitor inspires me to see the underlying causes of world beliefs and to handle them through prayer.
Thoughts of chaos or helplessness are lifted as we realize that they have no basis in God, good.
Established and sustained by our divine Parent, our lives can’t be broken, our strength can’t be swept away, our peace can’t be blown about.
God is the one, steady support that is always there to comfort and guide us.

Church: A force for good (part two)

As individuals, we are each a force for good as we grow spiritually and bring to bear on all that we do a sense of the healing Christ.
From Kids
This past summer I went to a two-week sleep-away camp all by myself for the first time.
Testimony of Healing
I was introduced to Christian Science by a woman who taught a course I took in computer science.
Testimony of Healing
Shortly after a very heavy New York City snowstorm in January 2016, I was riding my bike to the Christian Science Reading Room when I was struck by a car and knocked down.
Testimony of Healing
Recently I accompanied my son and his young family to the beach.
Step by step, or more rapidly, we can all gain in pure-mindedness, affection, and bravery.
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