The Christian Science Monitor and our prayers for the world

When I was in primary school in Wales, I was designated a junior monitor. I wore a little blue-and-yellow badge, and it was my job to encourage and watch over my school friends. This included helping hand out the milk bottles at break time and making sure we all got along. My job also meant being alert to discern any inappropriate behavior among my schoolmates. It was a very early introduction to the word monitor.

At that time, this church’s newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, which had come all the way from America, would land daily on the doormat of my family’s home. It gave us global news. As a child, I loved the cartoons (political as well as children’s) and the wonderful photographs of world events. I saved and still treasure the issue that included photos of the 1969 moon landing. I also remember the one daily article about Christian Science (today called “A Christian Science Perspective”), which my mum would read out loud to our family. This taught me to listen and think, and to care for the world and pray for everyone in the world.

A home we can’t be evicted from
November 11, 2019

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