‘Your spiritual progress is assured’

That was the last line of a thank-you note I received decades ago. It’s amazing the staying power that one thought has had. It’s given me encouragement at various crossroads in my life, and confidence to share comfort with others when I hear of either an overwhelming loss or a resigned acceptance of gloom. Many New Year’s celebrations include taking the time to look back on an eventful year and to look ahead with the eager anticipation that things will be better. But to know that our spiritual progress is assured brightens our mental landscape and stirs renewed hope that the good we want to achieve is possible.

The promise of a fresh start and progress is energizing. Christian Science teaches that progress is a law of infinite God, good, that forever sustains all of creation. It is God’s law that governs our human experience. This is a huge idea. And if it stirs your thought in new directions, and you find yourself willing to shift from a belief that people are confined by their limited, human experiences to a clearer understanding of God’s law of progress governing everyone, even that much of a longing is a breath of spiritual progress!

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January 7, 2019

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