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[Sentinel Watch, Jen McLaughlin, Carol Olano, Carl Phillips, Julie Pabst, and Van Driessen, “Giving praise and gratitude to God heals,” November 19, 2018]
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Grace-filled days

Grace is a wholly divine impetus, flowing from God through each of us.
At a Sunday service at a local Church of Christ, Scientist, I was gently lifted out of my sorrow. 

Ah, light!

How well I recall a most desperate call for light—the light needed for me to understand my life’s purpose.
My prayer was to acknowledge God’s good and perfect creation. 
Even when Jesus was being executed like a criminal, he didn’t stop expressing love. He said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”
I wanted to have a permanent healing by relying on prayer.
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Me? Beautiful?

From the time she was in second grade, this author was bullied for having so many freckles, and she felt the only answer was to change her appearance. But when hiding her freckles didn’t work, she learned she could find more lasting self-worth by understanding beauty and identity in a completely different way: spiritually.
Testimony of Healing

Painful burn quickly healed

I was cooking up a fresh batch of hummingbird syrup—something I do every two or three days during the summer months.
Testimony of Healing

Double vision healed

Last year, I began to experience double vision.
Testimony of Healing
At one point this past year, I began feeling the symptoms of a chest cold.
Testimony of Healing

Injured pet healed

One night, while reading a biography of Mary Baker Eddy, I read this account by a woman who had attended the dedication of The Mother Church in January 1895: “When I went home after the dedication of The Mother Church, I manifested a belief of a severe bronchial trouble which seemed very tenacious.
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'Lord, may Thy truth upon the heart ...'

Healing is the effect of God’s law of progress, through which the influence of divine Love transforms human consciousness. 
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