Taking competition to a new (spiritual) level

As an athlete who plays several competitive sports, I find that sports can be a valuable means of learning solid spiritual lessons. It really doesn’t matter what type of athlete we are—professional, semipro, club athlete, local league player, or recreational player­—the competitive “juices” can flow at any level.  

When we’re battling it out on the playing field, qualities we generally associate with good sportsmanship, such as honesty, charitableness, and humility, can go out the window. This is the case not only in sports, but also in business and other competitive activities. But I’ve learned from my study of Christian Science that these spiritual qualities originate in God and we possess and express them as His reflection, so they can’t ever be overlooked, diminished, or neglected. As we allow the competitive spirit in us to be animated by the Christ, the spirit of Love that defined Christ Jesus’ nature, we invariably find success, progress, and undiminished joy. 

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August 20, 2018

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