Pain and discomfort yield

I had been working on a taxing physical task in my home, when suddenly I felt the most frightening and strange movement within my body. The top half of my body felt out of sync with the bottom half. I was really shaken by this.

I reached out to God and began prayerfully acknowledging my God-given dominion and uprightness as His spiritual and perfect creation. I tried to not be impressed with the imbalance I felt. My choice was to rely on Christian Science for healing, and for the next couple of days I prayed and read the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.

I tried to get around as normally as I could, while continuing to acknowledge my uprightness with authority and dominion. Things got more complicated when I began experiencing a very painful toothache. But I also felt some lessening of the earlier fear and discomfort, and I persisted in my application of Christian Science.

Image and Inspiration
'High to heaven let song be soaring'
April 30, 2018

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