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[Ruth Geyer, “Easter: how Christ transforms us,” Sentinel, March 26, 2018]
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I began to think more deeply about this atmosphere of divisiveness and what I could do in terms of helping to heal it.
My prayers affirmed that divine Love meets every legitimate need.

Trust in the divine law of Love

I felt a conviction that divine Mind truly was at the helm, and that the truth would be revealed for all to see. 
God is able to care for every one of His children—all of us—all at once.
How I Found Christian Science

Learning to love myself

I remember as a young girl having the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in our home.
“Tackle football @1?
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On a packed train, with no means of escape, this author found herself being touched inappropriately. At first, she felt helpless and scared. But then she realized that there was one thing she could do: She could pray.
Testimony of Healing

Healed in church

We can experience healing anywhere, anytime, but one Sunday a few months ago, I felt the benefit of healing in church.
Testimony of Healing

Skiing injury healed

Some 20 years ago, I went skiing in the mountains with a good friend.
Testimony of Healing
One Friday morning a few months ago, anticipating a weekend full of love-filled obligations, I woke up with very aggressive symptoms of the flu.
Testimony of Healing

Pain and discomfort yield

I had been working on a taxing physical task in my home, when suddenly I felt the most frightening and strange movement within my body.
Image and Inspiration

'High to heaven let song be soaring'

Macaw in Quepos, Costa Rica

The blessings of being receptive

Cultivating meekness and purity strengthens our spiritual sense of God.
Bible Lens

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