God’s will, not human will, heals

The Gospels tell us in several places that Christ Jesus healed all those who were sick (see, for example, Matthew 8:16 and Luke 4:40; 6:19). It seems apparent that he healed minor conditions as well as serious ones.

The healing Science that underlies what Jesus taught and demonstrated is divine; it is complete, lacking nothing; and it is all-inclusive, covering all human needs. Yet sometimes, when it comes to “smaller” problems or illnesses, we can be tempted to think: “This won’t last; it will get better on its own” or “This is a small problem and I’m too busy to pray.” But is any claim in a power apart from God so small that it should be ignored, or that we should simply put up with it until it goes away?

Dialogue With The World
Do Christian Scientists care about humanity?
August 28, 2017

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